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The IED Known As Politics

February 29, 2012

IED.  Most folks recognize the acronym.  It stands for “Improvised Explosive Device.”  Used by the Taliban and insurgents for the past ten years, their existence has claimed the majority of American military lives lost in the Middle East conflicts.  Upon breaching the subject of anything to do with the Constitution, the President, Congress, our Senate, and anyone or anything else related to politics, verbal “bombs” are sure to go off.  And these “bombs” are usually of the improvised variety.

The accusations of the Left against the Right and vice versa all provide rich fodder for the media.  Everyday brings a new outrage, a new panic, or fresh hysteria towards the sound of the loud beating of an old drum.  The lines of reality keep getting blurred with every new report of the “sky falling.”  Is this indicative of how the great civilizations of man’s past have fallen?  To argue and bitterly attack one another with anything and everything because of a perceived-or real-difference of opinion?

Every single person with an agenda is screaming for attention.  Some agendas attract more people; the more the merrier, or the more that become targets for those who are opposed to that particular agenda (thus giving birth to yet another agenda.)  Within all of the chaos we witness on a daily basis, is there not hope?  Is there not a message to humanity that, if we choose to make lasting and substantial change, we might actually evolve and survive?  For some reason, I keep hearing a quiet whisper inside of me.  It deplores the verbal bombs, the screams of rage and frustration, the shouts for change until things are so altered no one recognizes what remains.

This voice tells me that we need to step back from our hubris to see the path to enlightenment.  Is such a thing possible?  Hmm, good question.  How many things today are in existence that were not possible yesterday?  Is it possible to rid ourselves of corruption?  Tyranny?  Drug abuse?  Domestic violence?  Violence to enforce a political agenda?  If we step away from it, will it still seek us out to destroy us?  Or like facing down an enraged animal, can we keep our cool, allowing our personal calm to soothe the savage beast?

Politics alone is certainly not the only verbal (or emotional) IED around.  Religion, of course.  Want and need are melded together into a social IED, where one is taught to be the same as the other, and any action to satisfy the merged state plays into the hands of the ones who enjoy the manipulation of the masses and the wealth it brings.

We are damaging our neighbors, our friends, our families with our own IED: hubris, or the giving in to one’s ego-driven desires.  We blow up easily when in an unstable state of mind, much like explosives do when mixed or handled improperly.  Simply, we must reach into the place in our hearts which knows better.  We must adhere to our conscience or we become the enemies we bemoan and rail against; lest we blow off our own face to spite our collective noses.

Can we have fairness and equanimity toward one another?  Can we show mercy to those who fail?  Can we devote ourselves to the removal of our personal IED, in whatever form it is manifest?  This is a personal call for each of us.  Let us come together and speak to each other, not as Republicans or Democrats, Jews or Muslims, Christians or Atheists, but as a people of true spirit, of equal heart.  Evolution is calling us to step away from the IED’s we have created.

Do we trust ourselves with such power?  You must decide for yourself.